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Toloco Massage Gun Pro - Black

Toloco Massage Gun Pro - Black

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Toloco massage gun - Pro is a handheld device that uses fast percussive therapy to increase blood flow which helps in loosening up tight tissues, improving blood flow, reduce the perception of pain or soreness. Just about anyone can benefit from our device.

Both hard exercise and hours of sitting can cause muscle soreness, tightness, and sometimes even pain. These may be a result of low oxygen levels in muscles and built-up lactic acid in the muscles.

The benefits of using our massage gun are that it helps pump fluid so that your body clears that lactic acid which helps you recover faster. It is a great device at home to help loosen tight muscles after an intense workout or after a long tiring day. Choosing a high-quality massage gun is essential, our massage gun not only gives you performance but is more cost-effective than booking regular massages.


What's Included

  • Carry Case
  • 5 Standard Attachments
  • Battery Charger


1. Multi Speed up to 30 settings.

2. Light Weight (Less than 2.4 kg)

3. Robust

4. Ultra-Quiet Brushless motor.

5. 7 hours battery.

6. Extended handle for extra reach.

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Quickly Relieve Pain

We are committed to providing more effective massage gun. The TOLOCO deep tissue massage gun has a high penetration force of 12mm, which effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, promote blood circulation, relieve lactic acid, and let you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun, so as to restore the best state of your body

Quieter Operation

The working dB of the mute massage gun is only 40dB-50dB, so you can enjoy high-power, low-noise massage at home, gym, or office without worrying about disturbing others.

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Quality is good.

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Very powerful perfect arrived

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very fast delivery

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Seller with fast shipping, I recommend it 100%

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Excellent of very good quality